Easy-Mapping Tool

Easy and flexible program for brainstorming, conceptual learning and fast drawing of diagrams.


Main advantages of the Easy-Mapping-Tool:

  • See the Big Picture: One of the main benefits is highlighting the macrostructure! Maps are external, network-like representations of knowledge structures and consist of spatially grouped nodes with key-words representing concepts, connection lines representing the semantic connection of concepts, and labels on the lines to specify the kind of the semantic relation.
  • Visualize ideas on the fly: Create easy and flexible visualizations fast. Draw ideas with one click and easily drag the mouse to connect concepts in order to clarify relationships.
  • Add notes: Add comments to each of the concepts that are visible in a separate window.
  • Import pictures and movies: Include illustrations and movies into your representation.
  • Accessible: Our web-based version is available anywhere and anytime with your web-browser.
  • Platform independent: Use the same software on different operating systems (Java®).
  • Export your ideas: Export your organized ideas (maps) as text, image or editable drawing to Word®.
  • Project management extension: The Easy-Mapping-Tool converts selected concepts into tasks for the open source project management tool GanttProject.
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